The Moon Pillow by Ustaz Haris and Neelofa include this essential item for your kids.

Now your day will be more easier to recite dhikr and pray. Bring closer the bond of longing with Moon Pillow.

(ATTN: The Qamr Book is OUT OF STOCK),

More than 413,793 are happy and 96% of them said their problems are successfully resolved.

Who needs to get a Moon Pillow;?
⦁ Pregnant Mom
⦁ Children have difficulty sleeping.
⦁ Kids love to stick with gadgets.
⦁ Children do not know how to recite dhikr and pray.
⦁ To expose islamic education lifestyle at an early phase.
⦁ To give extraordinary gift for newborn, toddler or for loved ones

What’s in the Moon Pillow Box?

We at Nunha Group are very concerned about the quality of content and premium pillows accompanied by the voices of Ustaz Haris and Neelofa especially for our loved ones.

❖ Ketenangan Hati
❖ Fikir Akhirat
❖ Keagungan Ibu Bapa
❖ Taqwa Kepada Allah
❖ Kawan-Kawan
❖ Kesejahteraan

● 4 Daily Selawat
❖ Selawat Rasul
❖ Selawat Adnani
❖ Selawat Syifa
❖ Selawat Badriyyah

● 9 Daily Zikir
❖ Iktiraf
❖ Allahu Ya Allah
❖ Astagfirullah
❖ Bismillahillazi
❖ Hasbi Rabbi
❖ La ilaha illallah
❖ Sayyidul Istighfar
❖ Subhanallah
❖ Ya Latiff

Suitable for all groups regardless of ages

Color: Deep Blue
Length: 32 cm
Height: 9 cm
Width: 32 cm


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 9 cm

Moon Pillow, Personalized Moon Pillow


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